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Reserve Your Spot!

Make Off The Wallz your destination for fun! Spend some time bouncing around at our Trampoline Park, bring your little ones for a playdate in our imaginative Soft Play Area, or splash around at our brand new Splash Park!

Get Signed Up!

We have Waiver Stations for customers to use but why not get a waiver signed online before you even arrive? Having a pre-signed waiver will help get you and your group to the fun part of joining us at Off The Wallz! Participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver prior to entering our parks.

New at Off The Wallz

We now have special Parent & Tot times in our Soft Play Area, and are also offering Trampoline Park Day Passes for $22.50. Plus Two-for-One Mondays are now on at our Slemon Park location! Learn more about these specials and restrictions.

New for Summer 2017, we’ve just opened our new Splash Park at Holman’s Wharf on Heather Moyse Drive! In addition to regular admission, we offer a Family Package rate. Check out the details and book a session!

Gift Cards Available

We have gift cards available at Off The Wallz in Slemon Park for $17.25 (HST included, cash preferred) for a single admission price at that location.

Please note that grip socks are mandatory within the park but are not included in this gift card price if the admission is used for the Trampoline Park Area. If the admission is used for the Soft Play Area, though, socks are included in the price. They’re available for purchase for $3.00 + HST in our online Store and on-site. They’re washable so you’re able to reuse them for your next visit!

Contact Us

Visit Book Time for details on how to reserve a slot for you or your group at either of our location.

Off The Wallz Trampoline Park can be found at 50 Ashwood Avenue, Slemon Park, PEI (from Elmwood Drive, turn left onto Ashwood Avenue). Call us at (902) 436-8760, email us at info@offthewallz.ca, and Like us on Facebook.

Off The Wallz Splash Park can be found at Holman’s Wharf on Heather Moyse Drive (by Sharky’s and Arsenault’s Fish Mart) on the Summerside Waterfront. Call us at (902) 436-6849 or email us at splashpark@offthewallz.ca, and Like us on Facebook.